Chinese Language Classes

Having studied Chinese is not only a big asset on anybody’s CV but taking a Chinese course before your internship will also give you an edgewhen applying for your dream internship. You can choose from just a basic two week course to a three month program and reach a level that will allow you to speak Chinese with friends in a bar, at dinner orĀ  join in the singing at one of those famous company karaoke sessions. Your Chinese course is also a great place to meet other students and interns and make some friends in your age group before you enter the corporate world.

Choose from three three different options

Standard Group

Study for twenty hours each week in small groups (maximum six students) at our downtown Chinese school, located in Beijing’s Central Business District. The course focuses on spoken Chinese to enable you to start talking in Chinese as quickly as possible, while also providing an introduction into more advanced Chinese language topics.

Standard Group and 1-on-1

In addition to studying Chinese for twenty hours in a small group (maximum six students), you will have an additional ten hours of 1-on-1 classes every week where you can focus on special topics that you are interested in and go through vocabulary and grammar that you will need for your future internship. With a total of thirty hours of instruction every week, this course will allow you to progress very quickly with your Chinese skills.

Standard 1-on-1

Study Chinese for twenty hours of 1-on-1 class every week, allowing you maximum flexibility and a curriculum that is specifically focused on your needs and interests. As the teacher can fully focus on you, this program allows you to quickly improve but also to pay specific attention to any areas of the Chinese language you might struggle with or want deeper knowledge of.

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