Language and Work

For most internships in China the work language is English. However, the moment you leave the office you will realise that today less than 1% of the Chinese population speaks English. Understanding the world’s most spoken language is of course today not only a big plus on anybody’s CV, but will also make your stay in China a lot richer and interesting. Listen to the old men playing Chinese chess talk about the old days, make local friends and if you are good you might just make it on a TV show.

In addition to offering intensive language training before your internship, LTL offers an evening class program for all our interns. Depending on availability and your work location, you will either study six hours of group class at our school or two hours of one-on-one class at your office every week with a certified LTL Mandarin instructor. Classes focus on teaching spoken Chinese that interns can use in their daily work and life or can be tailor made according to your special preferences.

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