Internship Starter Kit

Beijing’s Central Business District

Chinese people are famously helpful and welcoming towards foreigners in their country, but less than 1% of the population speak a foreign language and the culture is very unique, different and takes time to understand. Most signs and roads are of course written in Chinese characters only and getting started can be a challenge at the beginning.


For that reason MIC offers internship starter kit, including everything you will need to get going right from day one. It includes:

– Police registration. According to Chinese law all foreigners need to register with their local police station within 24 hour or pay a fine of 500 RMB/day for each day not registered. We make sure you get registered in time.

– Airport pick up

– Pre-charged public transport card, to be used on all subways and buses in the city.

– Pre-charged Chinese SIM card

– A bicycle for your entire internship

– Opening both a Chinese local and foreign currency bank account

– Maps of the city right at the airport

– Emergency hotline support at all times


1,300 RMB for the full package for your whole internship


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