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Meet the other interns, make friends from all over the world and explore China together.

Want to go camping on China’s Great Wall? Explore Shanghai’s nightlife? Find that perfect little noodle restaurant no guidebook ever talks about? Join the MIC intern community and lets do it together. MIC interns are mostly university students from all over the world, coming for the first time to China to do an internship, explore the culture, learn the language and gain international experience. If that sounds like a group of people you would enjoy to make friends with – join us.

There is a lot of stuff happening in the MIC intern community and you will be signed up for our newsletter with regular detailed information about upcoming events and trips. To give you a bit of an idea what to expect, here the five favourite activities in Beijing, as voted by interns so far this year.

Every friday at 18:30 we meet on the balcony of our office in Beijing and have drinks together. A great way to start the weekend, we usually order some meat skewers and other local dishes to eat together. It is an all you can drink (beer and soft drinks) deal from 18:30 – 20:30 that usually leads to us going out to a club or bar later. Cost: 10 RMB

Watch the local Beijing football team take on their rivals and join 50,000  fans in cheering them. A great opportunity to learn Chinese swearwords, practice your Chinese skills and find out why everyone hates the Shanghai teams. Games are usually Friday or Wednesday evening at 19:30. Cost depends on seat category, but is usually between 50 Р150 RMB.

Once a month we do a trip to a section of China’s Great Wall known as the “wild wall”. While some sections of the China’s Great Wall have been re-developed for tourist use, including cable cars, tourist shops and tens of thousands of tourists, we take you to a little known section where the Great Wall still remains untouched, like it has been for hundreds of years. We stay over night in a little village right next to the Great Wall, have a big local farmers dinner together and continue exploring the Great Wall the next day.

Details: Sat & Sun, including transport, guide, food, accommodation, tickets and drinks: 900RMB / person.

Every month we have a BBQ on our balcony in Beijing. Fried chicken wings, tofu and steaks, plus for the adventurous chicken feet, are served with plenty of cold Tsingtao beer. A great opportunity to meet other interns, but also international expatriates and local Chinese, as everyone is invited to bring their friends and most people do.

Cost: 20 RMB for all you can eat and drink, 13:30 – 18:30.

Being the capital of China means that all the best food from China’s different provinces can be found in Beijing. Once a week we try a different Chinese cuisine together, from spicy Sichuan to Tibetan Yak milk, it is a culinary journey through the country and always a lot of fun.

For popular trips like going to the Great Wall it is advisable to sign up early to reserve. For BBQs, drinks, restaurants and other local events, there is no need to register beforehand, though we apprecite if you let us know that you are coming in advance so we know how much food/drinks to buy.

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